The Finistère Sail Tour 2017

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In 2017, the Finistère Sail Tour is returning to its usual North to South format with a start in Roscoff on Monday 31 July and a finish in Port la Forêt on Saturday 5 August.
Between these 2 ports, we’ll hook back up with the usual sublime stopovers that give the Tour its soul: Aber Wrac’h on Monday evening, Aber-Ildut on Tuesday and then Camaret on Wednesday.
As a new feature for 2017, following on from these 3 historic stopovers, the next leg will take the competitors to Port du Château and the Jeudis du Port music festival in Brest.
Boasting a nocturnal section, the last sail will take around 24 hours and culminate in Port la Forêt after departing Brest harbour at lunchtime on Friday.
As is the case every year, the courses, the competition, the sociable atmosphere and the festive programme are sure to live up to the Tour Duf’s fabulous reputation!!!
Keep your week free, you won’t be disappointed...

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