You need to have made landfall in Aberwrac’h in rough seas to understand the magic of ‘Les Abers’ (the confluence of waters). As you make headway deeper and deeper into the river, gradually the swell disappears and the clusters of rocks give way to islets of dunes before the first spits of land hem in the now smooth water.

It comes as no surprise then that the deepwater port managed by the Brest CCI is one of the destinations most cherished by yachties preparing to traverse the English Channel or British yachtsmen and women, who choose the venue to make landfall.

In the hills surrounding the port, the village of Landéda groups together all the administrative departments, shops and businesses.




  • Monday 31 July
    Around 17:00 hrs : Arrival of the boats
    19:00 hrs: Leg results proclamation
    In the evening: Concerts and meals in port
  • Tuesday 1 August
    10:00 hrs: Race start to Aber Ildut

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