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With Finistère Council, the Tour du Finistère à la Voile would probably not exist. Directly involved in the event, Finistère Council is also, through the involvement of Finistère 360°, the main supporting actor for the development of the marine leisure organisations across Finistère. Sailing and Yachting clubs, cities, and marinas which host stoppers of Tourduf’ also strongly contribute the welcome of the competitors, from the meals to the concerts organized every night. And this is all this rallying among the Finistère marine leisure sector that makes Tour Du Finistère à la Voila such a well-organized and lively event every year.

A l’aise Breizh


Strongly involved with all stakeholders keen to galvanise Brittany, “A L’Aise Breizh”, the famous clothing retailer, is the official supplier of Tour du Finistère à la Voile.

Already partner of many artists, elite athlete, and Breton festivals, the staff of “A L’Aise Breizh naturally accepted to link with Tour du Finistère à la Voila since 2007.



Les Editions Alain Bargain

Trough the “Enquêtes et Suspense” (Investigation and Suspense) collection, the publisher Alain Bargain, based in Quimper, has been developing over the past years the concept of regional detective novel. The faithful publisher will offer, during the daily award ceremonies, the “Polar of the Day”.



Le Parc Naturel Marin d’Iroise (PNMI)

The Parc Naturel Marin d’Iroise (Marine protected area) aims at improving the knowledge and the protection of the marine environment, and developing maritime activities in a sustainable way.

The main goals of PNMI are defined thanks to:

- Management orientations specifically adapted to the Iroise area

-  Consultation and dialogue with local users

10 orientations have been identified and cover all the stakes that the Iroise marine area has to handle : Natural heritage, water quality, professional fishing, marine leisure activities…


Le Nautic

The Nautic boatshow, annually organized in Paris to discover the latest news of the forthcoming season, is also an official partner of Tour du Finistère à la Voile.

Unmissibable event for the French and the international marine leisure sectors for more than 50 years, the Nautic is a fantastic showcase made of 700 exhibitors and 1300 brands which welcomes more than 204 610 visitors. As the 1st commercial tool for the sector, the Nautic boatshow is one of the main reason of the strong attachment of the French to the sailing activities.




Hénaff is an independent family business based in the extreme West of Brittany which has a secret. Indeed, the company managed to preserve over time a traditional approach while applying strict principles used in major companies. Every year, the staff of Hénaff take part to Tourduf’ with the Hénaff boat.




1st independent distributor of printing solution in France, OMR is at the crossroads of computing, telecommunication, and office equipment activities. Every year, the company provides a printer which is use to put Tourduf’ results up at the end of each leg.


Planète Voile

All the latest news on the web and social medias about sailing activities processed in real time by sports reporters of Le Télégramme.



Marine West

Exclusive agent of Jeanneau and Prestige boats and Honda, Yamaha, Yammar engines, Marine West is a pool of 4 historical shipyards and agents based in South Brittany.

The 25 colleagues of Marine West based in Port-la-Foêt, Bénodet, Lorient and Locmiquélic will let you sell and buy boats in total confidence, and to get your boat maintained in detail by qualified experts.

Marine West will assist you to find the right berth, to obtain the best financing and insuring arrangements to make your boat project a success.


A l'Aise Breizh


Particularly committed to all those who make the tip of Brittany, « A L’Aise Breizh », the famous clothing brand, is the official supplier of the Finistère Sail Tour.
It is thus quite naturally that the team « A L’Aise Breizh », already a partner of many artists, athletes or Breton festivals, has agreed to join the Finistère Sail Tour since the 2007 edition.

Web : www.alaisebreizh.com

The Iroise Marine Park

The Iroise Marine Park aims to raise awareness and protect the marine environment, as well as the sustainable development of marine businesses. These general objectives are broken down into management guidelines appropriate to the Iroise coastline and issued through consultation with those who utilise the site. Numbering ten in total, these guidelines cover all the issues related to the Iroise Sea: natural heritage, water quality, professional fishing, leisure activities, and so on…


Web : www.parc-marin-iroise.fr

Alain Bargain Book Publishers

Quimper based book publishers Alain Bargain has spent the last few years developing the concept of a thriller with a local character with the “ Enquêtes et Suspense ” collection. The book publishers, a faithful partner, will offer the “thriller of the day” at each daily prize giving

Web : editionsalainbargain.fr

Le Nautic

Le Nautic, le salon annuel organisé à Paris pour découvrir les nouveautés nautiques de la saison à venir est également partenaire du Tour du Finistère à la Voile. Le Nautic, rendez-vous incontournable du nautisme en France et à l’international depuis plus de cinquante ans, est une véritable vitrine composée de près de 810 exposants et 1400 marques pour une fréquentation de plus de 240 350 visiteurs. Premier outil commercial et promotionnel du secteur, ce salon est l’un des principaux responsables de l’attachement des Français à la voile.

Web : www.salonnautiqueparis.com


An independent, family business in the extreme west of Brittany, Hénaff has a secret: the ability to retain its traditional approach with the passage of time, whilst applying rigorous principles inspired by the largest companies. Each year, Hénaff’s representatives take the start of the race aboard a boat in the colours of their business.

Web : www.henaff.com/en/


France’s primary distributor of printing solutions, OMR operates a melting pot of computing, telecommunications and office automation. Each year the business places a printer at the event’s disposal, which enables the latest results from the Tour du Finistère to be posted up at each race finish.

Web : www.dactyl-omr.fr


Retrouvez sur le web et les réseaux sociaux toute l'actualité de la voile traitée en temps réel par les journalistes sportifs du Télégramme.

Web : www.letelegramme.fr/voile

Marine West

Concessionnaire exclusif des bateaux Jeanneau, Prestige et des moteurs Honda, Yamaha et Yammar, Marine West est le regroupement de 4 chantiers et concessions historiques en Bretagne sud.
Les 25 collaborateurs de l’entreprise répartis sur Port La Forêt , Bénodet , Lorient et Locmiquélic vous permettent de vendre et d'acheter des bateaux en toute confiance, mais aussi de faire entretenir vos bateaux dans les moindres détails par une équipe de spécialistes qualifiés.
Marine West vous accompagne en vous proposant des solutions de place de ports, de financement et d’assurances vous permettant de réussir au mieux votre projet bateau.

Web : www.marine-west.com

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