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Without the Department of Finistère, the Finistère Sail Tour probably wouldn’t exist. They are not only directly involved in the race, but also through Nautisme en Finistère and driving the development of nautical organisations in Finistère. The yacht clubs, villages and harbours of the tours stopovers also all contribute by welcoming competitors, laying up meals and putting on entertainment. This coming together of energy and goodwill creates a lively annual event with a flawless organisation.

The Finistère Department

The most marine orientated department in France with its 800km of coastline, Finistère, for over 10 years have implemented an ambitious policy to promote and accommodate all types of water sports: competitive sailing, sail training and high level, canoeing, yachting, rowing, diving, maritime heritage…

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The Région Bretagne (The Region of Brittany)

The number one maritime region of France, Brittany has a special relationship with the sea. They use this relationship to build and develop their economic, cultural and ecological identity.

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La CCI métropolitaine de Bretagne Ouest

Fusion des 3 CCI de Brest, Quimper et Morlaix, la CCI métropolitaine de Bretagne Ouest a pour missions prioritaires de contribuer au développement économique des entreprises finistériennes.

Depuis plusieurs années, elles pilotent aussi, en collaboration avec les collectivités locales, de nombreux dossiers liés, entre autre, à l’aménagement du territoire et au développement du commerce local.

Elles mènent également plusieurs programmes d’action dans de nombreux autres domaines tel que environnement, création d’entreprise, tourisme, commerce international, formation, observatoire du commerce

Elles sont également gestionnaires de nombreux équipements portuaires et aéroportuaires.

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The Departmental Sailing Committee

A decentralised body of the French Sailing Federation, the Committee is responsible for coordinating and driving the department’s sailing sector with the assistance of its network of clubs. It is responsible for the sporting organisation of the Tour du Finistère à la Voile.

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The French Sailing Federation

Within the limits of its prerogatives, the Fédération Française de Voile (French Sailing Federation) aims to promote, develop, drive, teach, manage, organise and control the sport of sailing in all its forms, whether these are gears towards competition, leisure or educational practice.

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The Union Nationale pour la Course au Large (National Union for Ocean Racing) manages and coordinates class measurement and IRC events in France.

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